Yes, Looks Matter When You Appear in Court


It is human nature to assume that, if a person has been to jail, they did something wrong.  You do not want to look the part of a criminal, because a bad first impression has the potential to make your case much more difficult to defend. Judges in the state of Tennessee carefully explain to jurors that they must not take the defendant’s physical appearance, arrest, and incarceration into account. However, those instructions may come after the jury has already seen the defendant.  By that time, it’s too late to alter that first impression. Unfortunately, this could make the difference between acquittal and conviction. This is why looks matter when appearing for court. It is always best to wear your most conservative and presentable clean attire when appearing in court. It shows respect to the court and the legal process.

How Bail Release Helps You!

Bail is the primary mechanism for pretrial release in Memphis, Tennessee. Ever since America became a nation, financial security has been the main guarantee of appearance at a future trial date. So, Tennessee bail bond laws are designed to liberally grant pretrial release and protect the public at the same time.

Typically, a judicial commissioner sets a bail amount a few hours after the defendant arrives at the jail. That amount can range from $100 for a minor misdemeanor to several thousand dollars or more for a serious felony.

If the defendant cannot make bail, even with bail bond financing, the judge may hold a bond reduction hearing. At that hearing, the judge will consider additional factors, such as:

  • The defendant’s ability to pay,
  • Flight risk,
  • Threat to the community

The judge then typically either does nothing or reduces bail to an amount the defendant can afford.

In some jurisdictions, where pretrial release is available, defendants are released on their own recognizance pending trial. If available, pretrial release usually involves limited eligibility depending on the seriousness of the charge, the assessed flight risk of the defendant, his or her past appearance history in court, etc.

Showing back up in court after being released on bail shows the court that you are honoring your bail terms by being there when you are supposed to.  Wearing your best suit or dress shows that you respect the court and the seriousness of the situation.

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