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Meet Our Staff

Will Rainey : Owner

Will Rainey


Mr. Rainey is originally from Forrest City, Arkansas.  After he graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis in 1996, he became a teacher and coach in the Memphis City Schools.  He was later a Service Team Leader at Schneider Freight Company before he began working for a bail bond company in Memphis, Tennessee in 1999.  In 2006, he opened United Bonding Company, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee.

He later opened All About Bail Bonds, Inc., which does business in multiple counties in Western Tennessee.  He also owns Professional Bail Surety, Inc, a general insurance agency for Continental Heritage insurance company.  All three companies are currently in business.  Mr. Rainey has enjoyed being active in youth sports and other community activities while raising his son.  He is a member of the board of directors for the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents.

Martin Miligan, (901) 299-1909 : General Manager

Martin Miligan, (901) 299-1909

General Manager

Lucille Watts, (901) 870-7776 : Agent

Lucille Watts, (901) 870-7776


Jackie Smith, (901) 218-5268 : Agent

Jackie Smith, (901) 218-5268


A native of Greenville, MS, Mrs. Jacqueline Smith has consistently made a name for herself since arriving in Memphis, TN in 1980. After dedicating 20 years of her professional life to FedEx as an Administrative Assistant, she has become a calculating, risk-taking expert in her field as a Bondsman. While fueling the industry with her passion to help others for the past eight years, this is not only her profession; it has become her ministry to both inmates and their families. Throughout her tenure with United Bonding Co., she has built a reputation for her commitment to the industry and embracing the core values of integrity.
Jacqueline is also known for developing her business strategies in other areas. Recognized as a successful weight-loss coach and her extraordinary gifts to the Body of Christ, she is currently balancing her time between family and work as she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, children and grandchildren. While she manages to be a caretaker to her mother, she also enjoys bowling and traveling.
Gail Turner (901) 415-8035 : Agent

Gail Turner (901) 415-8035


Ms. Turner is a lifelong resident of Memphis, Tennessee.  Before beginning her nine year career as an bail bond agent at United Bonding Company, Ms. Turner had a successful career as a wedding planner.  She enjoys spending time with her husband Jerry, three children, and nine grandchildren.  Ms. Turner also enjoys attending motorcycle events.

Taji Yarbrough, (901) 859-9567 : Agent

Taji Yarbrough, (901) 859-9567


Cyara Byears, (901) 628-5429 : Agent

Cyara Byears, (901) 628-5429


Joann Lewis, (901) 830-4180 : Agent

Joann Lewis, (901) 830-4180


Joc Gray, (901) 270-4462 : Agent

Joc Gray, (901) 270-4462


Crystal Nance, (731) 592-5425 : Agent

Crystal Nance, (731) 592-5425