Shelby County Tennessee Bail Bonds

Shelby County is the largest county in Tennessee, and is home to cities like Memphis, Germantown, and Arlington. The county’s 924,454 residents come from many walks of life and together create a vibrant community that’s full of homes, businesses, and recreation spaces.  From the Sun Studio museum of Memphis to the Wolf River Nature Preserve of Germantown and the historical sites of Arlington, there’s something for everyone in Shelby County.

At United Bonding Company, we’re proud to be a local company, located in the Memphis metro area. We’re at the heart of Memphis’s downtown center, near the leading St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We’re dedicated to serving our neighbors and community. As a local company, we’re able to work closely with our fellow residents to provide compassionate, honest, and affordable bonding services. We stand up to the highest level of integrity, which can be difficult to find these days. All of this is made easy for you when you need a Shelby county bail bond for you or a loved one.

Yes—because while the Shelby County jail isn’t somewhere you or a loved one want to spend time, it’s a reality for many families. A criminal charge often comes unexpectedly, and sometimes you might not even know that a Shelby county warrant is out there on you or a family member. Unless you happen to run a Shelby county jail warrants search—or get pulled over unexpectedly and find yourself in a new and unforeseen situation.

An arrest doesn’t just send you and your family into a new situation and reality—it can also launch the family and other loved ones into a stressful, unfamiliar, and often frightening world of complicated legal terminology and needing to find a bondsman asap.

As you seek out a bail bond near me to navigate how to get your loved one released from jail, you will probably be faced with tons of questions. Finding a bail bond company to help you understand what to do and how to get a fast jail release is critical. As you work to do a Shelby county bond lookup search to see how much the bail amount will be, you may have to navigate through Shelby county jail mugshots, Shelby county jail recent bookings, Shelby county jail most wanted pages, complicated inmate searches, and pages of information about procedures you’ve never encountered before. Even finding the Shelby County jail phone number might be an intimidating task—especially if you aren’t sure about what you need to do once you find the right place to call.  Fortunately, all of these questions can be easily answered by our top tier United bondsmen.

Working with the courts, attorneys, the Shelby county probation department, and the Shelby county sheriff’s office can be overwhelming and frightening for most people. While you’re trying to get your loved one bonded out and back home and safe, you’re often faced with the difficulty of not knowing who to call. United Bonding Company will help you navigate the process of how to get in touch with your loved one and tell you what you need to know to get them released on bond. 

 That’s where United Bonding Company provides excellent and affordable bail services.  We’re here to help as you navigate these complex procedures, and to make the process simple and easy for you and your loved ones. United Bonding Company offers the lowest bail bond premiums around.

When you need an affordable bond to get your loved one out of jail 24/7, we answer the phone and take the time to ensure you understand the steps to follow and how the bail bond process works. We’ll also help to ensure you make it to your court date, by sending you reminders of the time, place, and date of your court date. With us, you know you’ll be informed, and that we’ll ensure our part is done right for you. 

As a local company, we’re familiar with the policies and procedures of Shelby county jails, and of the Juvenile Detention facility, too. This means that we can get to work fast to get both adults and juveniles bonded out of jail with our smooth and efficient bond process.

Our comfortable office at 200 Poplar Avenue, Suite 101, is located just across the street from the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center, too—to ensure your convenience—but a bondsman can also come to you.

For over 15 years, we’ve offered fully licensed and professional bail bond services for felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs to the residents of Shelby County. We’re available 24/7 with the compassionate, confidential help you need when you’re dealing with the criminal justice system. Give us a call 24/7 at (901) 577-1138 for a FREE Bail Bond Assessment and pre-trial jail release for you and your loved one.