Ultimate Guide to Warrants in Shelby County, TN

If you think or know that there is a warrant out for your arrest in Shelby County, United Bonding Company can help you.

There are many bail bond companies in Memphis, Tennessee.  While most all of the bonding companies in Memphis will be willing to write a bail bond for you, not all of them will take the time to explain different aspects of the process.  We want our customers to have a clear understanding of the entire bonding process in Memphis and what it entails – including what warrants are, how to deal with them and how we can help.

Below are links to 5 of our top blog articles related to warrants. There is also a link to the Shelby County warrant database.

United Bonding Blog Articles Related to Warrants

  1. FAQ About Shelby County Bench Warrants
  2. I Think I Have a Warrant in TN. What should I do?
  3. What happens if the Person I Bailed Out Doesn’t Show up for Court
  4. The Smart Way to Turn Yourself In
  5. Help, I Missed my Court Date!

Search the Shelby County Warrant Database

Shelby County in Memphis, TN maintains a public facing database of all outstanding warrants. Click here to go to that site and conduct your own search.