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Areas We Serve

Located less than a mile away from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and First United Methodist Church, our United Bonding Company headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, no matter what your situation may be, we WILL always ensure that you get the proper help that you need before it is too late. No matter your age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, etc., we are here to help anyone in either Shelby County, Tipton County, or Fayette County.

Shelby County Jail

Located right across from our headquarters on 201 Poplar Avenue, the main Shelby County Jail is known to house over 3,000 inmates a year. While men and juveniles are placed in the downtown facility close to our bonding company, women meanwhile are placed in the east Memphis facility at 6201 Haley Road. Although the American Corrections Associations accredit Shelby County Jail, we still hope that neither you nor your loved ones would end up in either one of the jail’s locations.

Why Choose United Bonding?

Other than that we’re located at the Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll and that we’re one of the only bail bonds companies licensed to write bail bonds in the Shelby County Juvenile Court, we, the people of United Bonding company are hard at work to make sure that you know and understand all of the procedures prior to your court date. This way, not only would you be more prepared to go on trial, but you would also be more prepared to immerse yourselves back into society the moment you get out of jail. So regardless as to who you are and what your situation may be, WE ARE here to help! So the sooner you give us a call, the better and faster we can help you get out of jail.


United Bail Bonding serves the following cities in Shelby County:

Memphis, TN
Germantown, TN
Collierville, TN
Cordova, TN
Bartlett, TN
Millington, TN
Arlington, TN
Lakeland, TN

United Bail serves the following cities in Tipton County:

Brighton, TN
Burlison, TN
Covington, TN
Drummonds, TN
Mason, TN
Munford, TN
Tipton, TN

United Bail serves the following cities in Fayette County:

Braden, TN
Gallaway, TN
La Grange, TN
Laconia, TN
Macon, TN
Moscow, TN
Oakland, TN
Rossville, TN
Somerville, TN
Williston, TN

We also serve the following counties in Tennessee: