Visiting Someone in Shelby County Jail

Visiting someone in jail can be hard enough.  It’s doubly hard if you don’t know where to go, when to go and how to follow the rules.   Below are important pieces of information to guide your visit to the Shelby County Jail.

Jail Visiting Location/Days/Hours

Shelby County male inmates are housed in downtown Memphis at 201 Poplar Avenue.  The women’s facility is in East Memphis at 6201 Haley Road.  Click the link below to determine the days and times for visitation at each facility.

Note that eligible days for visitation are also determined by the first initial of the last name of the inmate.  You can use this link to determine which days are available by inmate:

Shelby County Official Jail Information Phone is 901-222-4700.

Shelby County Jail Rules, Regulations, and Policies

The following rules apply to all visitors who wish to visit with an inmate in the custody of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division:

1. All adult visitors must have proper photo identification (e.g., State Driver’s License or Federal/State approved identification card, etc.) With the approval of the Chief Jailer or designee, individuals over the age of 65 with a social security card, but lacking photo identification, may be allowed to visit.

2. Children under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children must be under the supervision of the parent/legal guardian at all times and are not to be left unattended in the visitation area for any reason, no exceptions.

3. All visitors must place approved personal articles in the provided container for x-ray examination and pass through a walk-through scanner and/or hand held metal detector. Visitors may be asked to submit to a clothed body search. All outer garments (e.g; coats, jackets, etc.) must be removed and placed on the scanner. Jackets cannot be worn as the primary upper garment. Visitors who fail to clear the metal detector and/or refuse a clothed body search will not be allowed to visit. All visitors denied a visit will be recorded in the Offender Management Systems (OMS). The inmate will be informed of the reason(s) for his/her visitor denial.

4. Visitors are expected to stay for the entire visiting period and early departures will end the visitation period.

5. All visitors must talk in normal conversational tones. Profane/obscene language/gestures or loud talking will result in termination of the visit.

6. Visitors may be barred and/or prohibited from visiting for actions such as, but not limited to: fighting, assault, planning or aiding an escape, security violations, disrespect toward department staff, unruly behavior, any sexual behavior, possession/passing contraband, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs, inappropriate attire, failure to follow staff directives, or violation of these rules and regulations. Staff may recommend that a visitor be barred for rule violations by completing an OMS report and reporting the matter immediately to the Captain or designee.

7. Visitors must be dressed appropriately in order to be admitted. Here are the basic guidelines: a. Visitors’ clothing must be worn in an appropriate manner. The Captain or designee will reject visits based on clothing that appears to be too large or to small, or creates obvious gaps or exposure. b. Appropriate shoes must be worn for basic foot protection. Open toe shoes are permitted however shower shoes, flip flops, house shoes, etc., are not permitted. c. No logos on clothing which contain pictures, slogans, or vulgarity, or any clothing determined by the Jail Division as being associated with a security threat group. The association may be made by color, designs, or logos affixed to the clothing, or the manner in which the clothing is worn. d. Excessive clothing may not be worn, such as two (2) pair of pants or an extra shirt under their top layer of clothing. No saggy and baggy pants. e. Neckline of garments are to be no lower than three (3) inches from the base of the neck. Sleeveless shirts or dresses or clothing exposing a bare chest or midriff is not permitted. f. No short shorts or short dresses. No midriff shirts or short shirts. Shorts must extend down to at least two (2) inches above the knee and dresses must be no more than two (2) inches above the knee while standing. Splits should not expose the leg no more than two (2) inches above the knee while standing. Underwear must be worn. g. No spandex or spandex-type fabrics. h. No clothing that is suggestive, provocative or offensive in nature. i. No clothing that is transparent or translucent in nature. j. Hats, scarves, bandannas with any form of questionable logos are not permitted. Hair rollers (Male or Female) are not permitted.

8. Persons who have been arrested and/or in custody within the past year to include felonies and misdemeanors (to include persons on house arrest wearing leg monitors) cannot visit.

9. A number of items are not allow to be brought in the jail such as: food (including gum), drinks, tobacco products to include all smoking materials, purses, umbrellas, cell phones, pagers, cameras, radios, tape records/players, lighters, sharp objects and weapons, etc. The exception to this is one (1) plastic baby bottle, one (1) blanket, one (1) diaper and car seat for an infant. No Strollers Allowed.

10. Visitor lockers are provided for the storage of personal items that are not allowed in the jail for a charge of .50(fifty) cents quarters only. The SCSO is not responsible for items left in the visitation area/lockers.

11. Individuals dropping off approved items in visitation for inmates must present valid identification (e.g., State Driver’s License, State/Federal identification card, etc.) Any item being dropped off for an inmate must be pre-approved by the appropriate Program Manager or Health Service Authority. The officer will notify the proper designee to verify before accepting the item and checking it for contraband. Once the item(s) has been accepted this information must be recorded in OMS.

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