How Much is Bail?

Bail amount is very subjective. The Constitution’s Eighth Amendment prohibits “excessive bail,” but that’s not very helpful when you try to translate this decade to decade. What is excessive to you or me is not excessive at all to someone like Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos. So, the presumptive bail amount is basically a one-size-fits-all price that may or may not be “excessive” under certain circumstances.

If the initial bail amount is “excessive”, considering all the facts, an attorney may be able to get the bail reduced at a subsequent hearing. As is mostly the case in criminal proceedings, there is usually some give and take involved at this hearing. At United Bonding Company (bail bond near me), your bondsman can assist by providing you a lot more information about this process, answer your questions, and get your friend or loved one out of jail fast.

Initial Determination

In Tennessee, a judge, magistrate, or judicial commissioner usually sets presumptive bail amounts. That’s the amount of money defendants must pay to get out of jail before they see a judge.

To get out of jail straightaway, the defendant can either post the entire bail amount with the court in cash or pay a bail bondsman a flat fee for their bonding services to write a surety bond. United Bonding Company will provide you a Bail Bond Assessment free of charge.

Using the services of a bondsman is typically best, and not just because there is less financial risk. A bail bondsman is basically a resource person to help you get out of jail fast and with less complications, and that’s very useful in these situations.

Bail Reduction Hearing

If the defendant cannot afford to post bail or pay a surety bond premium, an attorney can ask for a bond reduction hearing. At that hearing, the judge will listen to the evidence and decide what a reasonable bail would be. Some factors include:

  • Amount the defendant can pay,
  • Defendant’s connection to the community,
  • Severity of the offense,
  • Defendant’s ability to travel,
  • Amount of evidence against the defendant, and
  • Defendant’s threat to the community if released.

Sometimes, there are additional conditions on release such as an Ignition Interlock Device or GPS monitoring.

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