Can I Leave the Jurisdiction While I’m Out on Bond?

When you have been arrested in the the greater Memphis, Tennessee area and released on bond with the bondsman at United Bonding Company, in many ways, bond is a lot like misdemeanor probation. They are both court-supervised release from jail. They may both involve a number of conditions, including remaining within the state and/or county… Read More

Dealing with Domestic Assault Arrests in Tennessee

According to one advocacy group, there are about ten million assault victims in the United States every year. Some of these cases involve emotional or verbal abuse. But the vast majority involve physical abuse, and that usually means domestic violence assault charges. Contrary to popular myth, the defendant can still be convicted of domestic… Read More

Yes, Looks Matter When You Appear in Court

  It is human nature to assume that, if a person has been to jail, they did something wrong.  You do not want to look the part of a criminal, because a bad first impression has the potential to make your case much more difficult to defend. Judges in the state of Tennessee carefully explain… Read More

Case Closed. Do I Get the Bondsman Money Back?

Court room

An arrest for a criminal offense can be a very stressful time. The stress escalates when the offender does not have the money to post bail and is facing detention until the court date. A bail bondsman can help provide the financial means to post bail. But sometimes, there may be confusion surrounding this procedure,… Read More

I Think I Have a Warrant in Tennessee. . .What Do I Do?

Many people believe that arrest warrants eventually go away. They do, right? After all, most crimes have statutes of limitations, don’t they? But there is no statute of limitations on arrest warrants Once the authorities issue one, it stays active until it is served. An attorney may be able to get the case dismissed… Read More